Gahwa Championships

Gahwa Championships

In view of Gahwa's central role in the region, the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi pioneered the first Gahwa Championships in the UAE capital in December 2019. The Championships will test the knowledge and practice of competitors from across the region in areas such as the heritage of Gahwa; bean selection and roasting; and Gahwa preparation and serving. The Championships will also feature categories specific to roasting as well as a beverage concept award.

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Championships Categories The Championships comprises of five categories:

Sane’ Al Gahwa Championship – Light Roast

In this category, contestants aim for the best light roast brew with pre-roasted, ground beans. During the presentation, each explains the steps, ingredients, and history. Evaluation covers knowledge of Gahwa and bean selection.

Sane’ Al Gahwa Championship – Medium/Dark Roast

Competitors in this category strive for an optimal medium/dark roast brew using pre-roasted, ground beans. Each participant outlines the process steps, ingredients, and history. Evaluation considers Gahwa knowledge and bean preparation.

Gahwa Roaster Award – Light Roast

Participants aim to showcase the finest light-roasted beans. Expert judges conduct a blind tasting to assess the quality of beans. Criteria for evaluation focus solely on the excellence of the roast.

Gahwa Roaster Award – Medium/Dark Roast

In this category, entrants target the best medium and dark roasted beans. Expert judges perform a blind tasting for evaluation. The assessment centers around the quality and nuances of the roast.

Gahwa Beverage Concept Award

This award honors the most creative hot or cold Gahwa-based beverage. Judges evaluate entries on ingenuity, flavor, and presentation. The focus is on innovation while maintaining the essence of Gahwa.

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Did You Know

Mocha coffee

The internationally recognised Mocha coffee variety is named after its place of origin in Yemen. Coffee was cultivated in the port city of Mocha where it was the only port that exported the roasted coffee in Yemen to the rest of the world up until the 17th century.


Saffron is a prized spice derived from the Crocus flower. Harvested with great care, its threads are gently collected and dried. Primarily used for flavoring and adding vibrant color to dishes, saffron holds the title as the world's most expensive spice.


It’s a Khoos Basket woven basket made from the leaves of date palms and used to clean coffee beans and remove their husks – a process locally known as Nasef al Gahwah. It is also used to settle and cool coffee beans after roasting.

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