Gahwa Championships 2021 Judges

Abdulla Khalfan Al Yammahi

Head Judge, Heritage
United Arab Emirates

Abdulla Al Yammahi, also known as Abdullah Al Hamour, is a researcher, author and heritage expert in the United Arab Emirates. Among his most notable works is Etiquette of Gahwa Serving in the UAE. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Law and a Diploma in Cultural Heritage and has published many articles in the Dirasat Magazine, published by the Emirate’s Writers Union.

Al Yammahi is a General Supervisor in the Department of Majalis and Community Development Projects in the emirate of Fujairah. His knowledge and expertise were integral in the inscription of Arabic Coffee (Gahwa) on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2015. Al Yammahi has been a guest heritage lecturer and speaker at several government entities, universities and schools in the United Arab Emirates, as well as a guest speaker on television and radio shows, talking about Emirati customs and traditions. He also has a monthly column titled “Swalef Al Hamour” in Marawed Magazine, an initiative from Sharjah Institute for Heritage

Abdulla Alyammahi

Fatima Al Mughanni

Judge, Heritage
United Arab Emirates

Fatima Al Mughanni is a certified instructor in the United Arab Emirates Sane Programme, an initiative focussed on the traditional etiquette of the Council of Ministers under the management of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development and the Ministry of Community Development. Al Mughanni has a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Education and Psychology and has served as a judge at the Dubai World Hospitality Championships. She has also delivered many training courses and lectures on traditional etiquette and hospitality.

Al Mughanni is member of more than 50 social and charitable societies, both inside and outside the United Arab Emirates, and has served as a founder and member of many community associations including: Rewaq Ousha bint Hussein Cultural Centre; the Emirates Association for Volunteer; and Emirates Red Crescent.

Fatma Al Mughanni Pic

Ahmed Al Ahbabi

Judge, Heritage
United Arab Emirates

Ahmed Al Ahbabi was born in Al Ain City, the city of heritage, customs and traditions and won first prize in the first edition of the Gahwa Championship in 2019 in the Sane’ Al Gahwa Championship —Light Roast.

He is a First Officer in the heritage programmes at the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre in the Zoo and Aquarium Public Institution in Al Ain.


Rashid bin Futtaimah AlMansouri

Judge, Heritage
United Arab Emirates

Rashid bin Futtaimah was born in Al Dhafrah Region. He is a poet and a media personality and is the presenter of ‘Hal Al Waha’ (People of the Oasis) on Al-Waha TV. 

He writes in the local dialect on such topics as the homeland, giving praise, social issues, wisdom, courtship and hunting.
He has participated in numerous poetry festivals and evenings such as the Million’s Poet, he won the Emirates Falconers’ Club prize of a Hunter competition.


Nooran Albannay

Head Judge, Sensory
United Arab Emirates

Nooran Albannay is a certified coffee lover by passion, an artist and experienced architect by profession. She was the first Emirati national “Q” Arabica Grader. She is also a member of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Coffee Architecture in Abu Dhabi. In addition, Nooran has attended many coffee cupping workshops, and competed in different coffee championships as a barista.

Saeed Al Baloushi

Judge, Sensory
United Arab Emirates

Saeed Al Baloushi is a certified trainer in roasting specialty coffee with certifications from the Ukraine, Japan and the United States of America. He has participated in many local and international coffee tournaments and won many prizes including second place in the 2018 World AeroPress Championship and second place in Ibrik Abu Dhabi in 2018 which was part of the SIAL international exhibition. Saeed is licensed as a Certified Taster from the SCA.
Saeed Alblooshi

Sara AlKhouri

Judge, Sensory
United Arab Emirates

Sara AlKhouri is a chemical engineer, artist and authorized SCA Trainer. She has her own specialty coffee the “Fraise Bonbon”.

Sara has a Diploma from the SCA. She won the Abu Dhabi AeroPress Championships in 2018 and 2019.

Sara Alkhoori 1

Amna AlHarmoudi

Judge, Sensory
United Arab Emirates

Amna AlHarmoudi was the first Emirati female to participate as a barista at the National Latte Art competition. She has regularly attended coffee-related courses to develop her skills and knowledge in the industry. During the years, Amna has been a contributor to the specialty coffee industry and supports all coffee enthusiasts in the community. In addition she is a certified “Q” Grader from SCA.

Amna alharmoudi

Abdulla Al Mheiri

Judge, Sensory
United Arab Emirates

Abdulla Al Mheiri has been a coffee enthusiast for more than a decade and is a passionate entrepreneur. He is a member of the SCA and won the Dubai 2019 UAE AeroPress Championship.

Al Mheiri is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of 202; a UAE-based project management company that specialises in establishing coffee shops and providing coffee services. In addition to helping to launch several cafes, he developed the 2018 Latte Art Throwdown. Al Mheiri has been a great advocate for specialty coffee and continues to contribute to the advancement of the specialty coffee scene in the United Arab Emirates by establishing coffee shops in the country.

Abdulla Almheiri 1

Mariam Almansoori

United Arab Emirates

Chef Mariam Almansoori discovered her passion for cooking at an early age while spending
time in the kitchen with her parents and watching Julia Childs on television. Born and raised in the
United Arab Emirates, the Emirati national has always dreamt of one day opening her own restaurant, and. She took the steps to make it happen in 2021 when she opened the doors toof Montauk Boutique Café & Restaurant in Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi.

mariam almansoori 2

Jerry Flores​

United Arab Emirates

Jerry Flores is from the Philippines, and the United Arab Emirates is his 2nd has been his second home since 2010. He is was the first ever Champion of the Beverage Concept award of in the Gahwa Championship 2019. He has years of experienced as a Professional Coffee Trainer and in Beverage Development, with International Certifications qualifications from the Specialty Coffee Associations and various Professional Coffee Certifications.

Currently, He is the Beverage Manager of Café Bateel who and manages the over-all Bar and Coffee Operations and Menu Development across the Gulf Cooperation Council states CC.

jerry flores
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