Note: Please ensure your application is filled in correctly. Your responses will be evaluated during the review process and may impact your chances of participating in the Gahwa Championships 2021.
Note: The complete rules and regulations for the Gahwa Championships 2021 will be shared with participants after the initial selection phase.

This category challenges participants to present the best medium and dark roasted beans. Their beans will be assessed by expert judges in a blind tasting. The recipient of the Gahwa Roaster Award - Medium/Dark Roast will win a grand prize of AED 25,000. The runner-up will receive AED 15,000. This category is open to individuals and roasting houses in the United Arab Emirates.
View the guidelines for more details.
Note: Please refer to the Gahwa roasting guide (click here) when selecting which roast you wish to participate in during the Gahwa Championships 2021.

Personal Details

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